Sides & Drinks


Naan ..$2.39

Classic Indian flatbread

Samosa ..$1.38

Fried goodness stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas - 2 mini ones per order

Samosa Chaat ..$4.59

4 mini samosas, chickpea masala, spinach raita, spicy chutney, mango chutney and pickled onions

Waffle Fries ..$2.76

Crispy fries with tomato mayo chutney

Masala Cheese Fries ..$4.59

Crispy waffle fries, tikka cheese, pickled onion and kale slaw

Chicken Tikka Fries ..$5.00

Chicken tikka masala, waffle fries, cheese, pickled onion and kale slaw


Masala Chai ..$2.39

Assam CTC tea, organic 2% milk, cardamom and turmeric

Mango Lassi ..$3.67

Low-fat organic yogurt and mango smoothie

Tamarind Lemonade ..$1.84

Traditional tamarind drink with tangy masala

San Pellegrino ..$2.39

Sparkling water, orange and blood orange flavors

Mexican Coca-Cola ..$2.39

Made with cane sugar

Diet Coca-Cola ..$1.84

Bottled Water ..$1.84