23 Mar2017

USA Today - STJ is in the top 10 Indian restaurant list for NYC!

2nd year in a row in the top 10 list

31 Jan2017

CBS Local - NYC’s 6 Best Fast-Casual Indian Restaurants

Lots to get excited about at Soho Tiffin

17 Aug2016

amNewYork - NYC Indian restaurants: Notable new eateries to try

BYO-Bowl, BollyBurgers, Tenders & Fries

20 Jun2016

TimeOut - Summer Bucket List

Hot Stuff - Curry Burgers

13 Jun2016

NY Daily News - Three spots that deliver something special on N trains's Broadway stop

Curry burgers and basmati bowls

8 Jun2016

Casually Delicious - Soho Tiffin Junction

Four highly satisfying burgers

1 Jun2016

Tasting Table: "When Curry met Patty"

New York, make way for the curry burger.

31 May2016

Gothamist: "Move over ramen burger"

It's literally curry in a patty form

20 Apr2016

"That is one of the best I have ever had" - New York Live TV's Lilliana Vazquez on the Chicken Tenders.

Flavor combo is out of this world

12 Apr2016

STJ's chicken tenders are outstanding.

Wylie Dufresne lends his expertise to STJ

11 Mar2016

Dufresne and Soho Tiffin's new dinner menu

Classic with a dash of Wylie

2 Mar2016

Wylie Dufresne, OddFellows and You

"So it's going to be good"

1 Mar2016

Indian Small Plates - New Dinner Menu!

Off the Menu - New York Times

4 Nov2015

Soho Tiffin is in the top 10 Indian restaurant list for NYC!

Top 10 Indian restaurants in NYC - USA Today

16 Sep2015

Wylie joins STJ as Culinary Advisor!

11 Jun2015

In New York on STJ!

STJ offers fast food alternative

8 Jun2015

UberEats delivers STJ!

5 Jun2015

Review of Catering at Reservoir Capital

12 Apr2015

Great Rating by SPE Certified!

Committed to nutritious and sustainable meals

8 Dec2014

STJ Web Launch

Visit our new website

9 Apr2014

NYC Foodie: It's a great concept, in a great location, that tastes great.

Think Chipotle, but with Indian fare.

2 Apr2014

Manhattan With a Twist: Scrumptious and healthy Indian cuisine

Fast, Easy & Delicious: Soho Tiffin Junction

29 Mar2014

IBR News: At once familiar while somewhat exotic.

Something truly new

26 Mar2014

Socially Superlative: Congratulations to Jawahar Chirimar for making such good tasting and responsibly prepared food available.

Verdict: STJ has conquered!

21 Apr2013

The Hindu: The concept is creating a customisable dosa

Reinvent the dosa for a global audience