Curry Burgers

When Curry met Patty

  • All burgers are served with a toasted non-GMO potato bun, pickled onions and cucumbers, MasalaSauce, lettuce.
  • No added filler, flour or breading – pure flavors.
  • Perfect snappy texture and NOT fried!

Beef Burger

House ground meat with umami packed masala and Cheddar.

Chicken Burger

Made with grilled chicken and classic tikka masala curry.

Veggie Burger

Made with kale, quinoa, carrots, mushroom, chickpeas and classic chana masala curry.

Paneer Burger

Made with Paneer (Indian cheese) and classic tikka masala curry.

Salmon Burger

Made with salmon and Chettinad curry.

Special Sauces on the table

  • Viper Sauce: made with Naga chili, one of the hottest naturally grown chilis in the world, from North East India
  • Kasundi (Bengali mustard): traditional fermented mustard flavor from India. Who knows which kind of mustard came first, while that is debated we can enjoy the taste!